4 snack box

delicious and wholesome snacks every fortnight, imagine that

We’ve been delivering exciting, wholesome snacks to peckish UK grazers for over 10 years, and we're now available in Ireland! Get your box of 4 snacks through your letter box every 2 weeks.

just €8.69 €7.00

free delivery, popped through the letter box


our snacks are not suitable for people with allergies. more info

How the graze box works

1. get a fortnightly graze box

are you ready to start grazing? we'll send a four-snack box every 2 weeks filled with  exciting, wholesome snacks

2. join thousands of grazers enjoying who love their box

You can enjoy a new collection of snacks in every box and can skip or cancel your order at any time.

what you get in your subscription

get a selection of new tasty snacks in every delivery. Explore some of our collections below.

join thousands of grazers who love their graze box